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Опцион double no touch

A double no-touch option is an exotic type of option which gives the holder a specified payout if the underlying asset price remains within a specified range until expiration.

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  3. Виды бинарных опционов

The buyer negotiates the price range, called the barrier levels, with the seller. The seller is often a brokerage firm.

Double No-Touch Option 2020

The maximum possible loss is the cost of setting up the option. The maximum profit is the negotiated payout amount minus the cost of purchasing the option.

Typically, the buyer specifies how much they would like to risk, and the broker provides a percentage payout based on this amount and other factors which keeps the structure quite simple.

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Binary options have a "yes or no" logic basis. Either they payout the full amount or they pay zero buyer loses their investment.

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Key Takeaways A double no-touch option falls under the binary options trading category, meaning the option has a fixed payout and fixed risk.

The buyer of the option receives a fixed payout if the price stays within specified price boundaries until expiration. If the price touches or exceeds the price boundaries at any time, the trader loses what they paid for the option.

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Understanding the Double No-Touch Option Because they have опцион double no touch "yes or no," or binary payout, double no-touch опцион double no touch are in the binary options category.

They are bets that the underlying asset will not move beyond the barrier levels by a certain date. Because of this structure, they bring an element of gambling into the equation.

Вид 1. Бинарный опцион «Сash or nothing» / «Все или ничего»

The investor can profit if the rate does not move beyond either of the two barriers. The advantages of regular options include liquiditytransparency, and minimal counterparty risk. The broker determines the payout based on several factors. They will offer lower payouts if the barrier levels are wider.

The more likely it is that the price will stay between the barriers, the lower the payout the buyer will receive from the broker. This is because the broker wants to protect themselves and will, therefore, build their protection into the payouts that they offer.

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A double no-touch option is the converse of a double one-touch option. The holder of the one-touch option receives the payout if the price of the underlying asset touches or moves through either of the barrier levels.

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Double No-Touch Options Versus Regular Options As previously mentioned, double no-touch options are not the same as regular or vanilla options. No-touch and all other binary options are primarily over-the-counter instruments.

The buyer and seller negotiate the terms, which includes the payoff amount, barrier levels, and expiration date.

опцион double no touch

In practice, no negotiation goes on. Most binary options result in only two outcomes. The buyer loses what they paid for the option, or they receive a payout.

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In some cases, the broker may allow the buyer to exit the trade prior to expiry, usually resulting in a partial loss or profit.

Regular options trade on formal exchanges and give the holder the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell the underlying asset at a specified price by or on a particular date.

They also have standardized strike pricesexpirations, and contract sizes.

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Regular options опцион double no touch to be fairly priced based on market conditions, since the price is set by both buyers and sellers.

The current rate is The trader believes that the price is likely to stay between and for the next 24 hours. That means that if the price stays between Most traders seek to make more on winners than they lose on losers, and this payout is actually the opposite of that goal.

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The trader will need to win twice for every one loss just to breakeven. The payout is higher, but the chance of receiving the payout will be very low. Compare Accounts.